What You Should Know About Ghosting And How To Deal With It

What You Should Know About Ghosting And How To Deal With It





Ghosting, the sudden stopping of communication, is becoming very popular. And it is surprising to know that people engage in the act of ghosting for various reasons.

While some people ghost to avoid conflict, others engage in the act because they lack communication skills.

To prevent ghosting while dating online, partners involved should organize to meet quickly to determine if they are serious.

Dealing with ghosting on hookup sites is not always easy. In this article, we will answer the question, “What is ghosting?” and also give some practical tips on how to avoid it.


What Is Ghosting?

If you have signed up to an online dating site, found an attractive potential match, had some great conversations and only to wake up one day to find that your new crush has disappeared and no longer responds to your messages, then, you have experienced dating ghosting.

Ghosting is the abrupt ending of all forms of communication with someone without any warning. Unfortunately, with the rise of online dating, ghosting has become very common, with 40% of people experiencing it. So do not feel bad if it has happened to you.

Why Do People Ghost?

It is time to look at ghosting psychology and see why people ghost. Ghosting someone is a rude and hurtful thing to do, so why do so many people do this?

Ghosters are people who:

  • Avoid conflict – Telling someone you want to discontinue a relationship is not easy. People who hate conflict would rather ghost than break up with someone.
  • Have a lack of empathy – People who don’t care about hurting people’s feelings and struggle to view things from others’ perspectives are more likely to abruptly finish all communication.
  • Struggle to communicate – People who do not know how to express themselves effectively will often just stop all forms of communication, rather than have difficult conversations and explain their situation.
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How to Avoid Being Ghosted

Below are some things to do to avoid being ghosted:

  • Make sure you only talk to people you are compatible with – If you are communicating with poor matches, if the person is much older or younger or lives far away, then your chances of experience ghosting is higher.
  • Ensure the person you are speaking to uses their real name and photos – You can ask for their social media profiles like Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin. If they don’t give you these profiles, this is a red flag.
  • Ask to meet up in person once you have established a connection – Ghosters love to drag people along and speak for months without any intention of ever meeting in person. By asking to meet up quickly, you can determine if the person is serious and see if there is potential for a relationship.


What to Do If You Have Been Ghosted

Here are some tips on how to deal with ghosting:

Have a positive mindset – There is always more fish in the sea. You have to realize that you are just one relationship away from finding your dream man or woman. There is no shortage of great matches out there. If you remain positive and keep looking, you will find your ideal partner.

Be grateful – A person who ignores you is not a nice person or someone you should be in a relationship with. You should be happy that you had got that person out of your life before they did something bad to you.

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Use our tips – Keep searching for your ideal relationship but remember to implement our recommendations mentioned above so you don’t get ghosted again. Get their social media profiles and organize to meet up in person quickly.


If you have used online dating sites or apps, you have probably experienced ghosting. One minute you are having a great conversation with a person and starting to dream about your future honeymoon only to have them disappear off the face of the earth. If this has happened to you, don’t worry.

Remember, there are plenty of great potential partners out there, and if you keep searching, you will find your true love. To avoid being ghosted in the future, get your new crush’s social media profiles so you can verify they are a real person. Also, organize to meet in person to ensure they are serious about pursuing a relationship.

Have you ever been ghosted? Please share your thoughts about it.