When The Love Doctor Needs Advice

Gring, gring, “Hello, this is your home girl Suzzy, your love doctor. How may I help you this evening?” I asked. “Is this Suzzy P the love doctor? Please, I need your advice on … my boyfriend. He is a good kisser but …, I love my girlfriend but …, my husband is super in bed but …, my wife is beautiful and well-mannered but … and I am in love with a married woman/man but … and so on. Please I need your honest advice.” This is all I hear thrice a week at the other end of the phone in the two-hour programme which I anchor.

I feel so good and fulfilled when I’m able to give advice and proffer solutions to my numerous callers and fans on their relationship and marital issues. It gladdens my heart when I get responses that they have been able to resolve their differences and gotten back together.

As a love doctor, I thought I had it going well for me in my relationship with Tayo, ‘my boyfriend’. This is my story.

Tayo and I have been friends for the past six years. We met at a cyber café where incidentally we both went to apply for jobs online. We sat close to each other and it happened that we were both applying for the same position in an advertising and public relations company. We started a tête-à-tête and from there, we became good friends.

We kept in touch and three weeks later, we were among those called for interview. I did not pass the interview but Tayo did and I was very happy for him. He kept encouraging me not to relent in my search for a job. About three months later, I was opportune to freelance for a print media, but my dream was to work in the broadcast media as a presenter especially in radio. Luckily, that opportunity came sooner than expected as I got a job with a radio station and was asked to come up with an idea for a relationship programme. A week later I started presenting the relationship programme I called, “Talk with the love doctor.”

Tayo and I were always too busy but we try to find time to spend with each other at weekends. It was either we go to the cinema, events or eat out. We also talked about everything and catch up on the days we were apart, and sometimes he gives me idea on topics for discuss on my programme which I really appreciate. One thing I am sure of is that Tayo never misses my programme.

I always had the urge to ask him about us but somehow, I could not. Meanwhile, I have always strongly advised callers on my programme to define their relationships but I guess I did not really define mine with Tayo. I could remember in one of my programmes where about four men called just to ask me out on a lunch date. I bluntly told them I don’t have lunch dates with my fans, but when they insisted, I asked them to call me after the programme. My God, after the programme, Tayo called me and angrily asked, “How could you accept to go on a lunch date with your fans?” “Tayo, I wanted them to get off my case that was why I told them that. If you must know, they don’t have my phone number, so they can’t call my direct number.” With this explanation, he calmed down.

Consequently, with his jealousy, I thought I had a clear answer about us. It totally allayed my doubts and I thanked God that we are on the same page.

To be continued