When You Care: A Second Look At Giving Flowers  

“I care”; this is the message you want to say when you give someone flowers. Whether it’s for appreciation, love, or commiseration, you give flowers to show that you care about a person. Some flowers symbolise a particular message. For example, red roses, on the one hand, are believed to have been created by Aphrodite, the goddess of love.

On the other hand, people give tulips as a symbol of comfort, when you don’t want to be too romantic, but still want to appreciate your friend. Sometimes, you have to research thoroughly to convey a more complicated message.

In some instances, a particular flower delivers a spot-on message. If this is your first time and you’re not sure of what to do, you can ask some flower delivery services like Uniting Flowers for a unique flower suggestion.


Convenient delivery

Emotions are a tricky thing. Some people are more emotional than others. These people have fewer inhibitions in showing their feelings to others. They are the type of people who get angry quickly. But they are also the same people who will love you to the moon and back and have no problem showing this emotion to the people they care about. They are spontaneous, and they live life how they see fit.

In many situations, spontaneity may save the day. And in some instances, it may even strengthen or save a relationship. Wouldn’t you want to show someone who has a special place in your heart how important she or he is at this very moment? By giving flowers, you can transform your overwhelming emotion into one spontaneous act of affection.


On-target messages

When you and your partner have unique customs, going the traditional route is quite different. Fresh and dainty roses, beautifully wrapped in special packaging, becomes more than just a surprise. However, if you’re more of a traditional couple, you can be mighty different as well. Set aside any expected variety of flowers for a holiday and give flowers that will have him or her positively amused.

Not just on Valentine’s Day, there are a variety of occasions when you can show your appreciation. On Mother’s Day, surprise your Mom with her favourite flowers. If she’s not the type to be easily impressed, you can insert a note that you will pay for next month’s groceries. She will surely find the whole gesture very thoughtful.

In the same vein, men love a surprise too! If your best bud is feeling down, why not surprise him with sunflowers? Even the most masculine and jaded of males will smile upon this gesture.

Not to be outdone, the corporate setting is also a place for relaying a message of appreciation. If you have an employee that highlights the word loyalty or who delivers excellent performance, you may send a bouquet to show him or her how much you treasure these values. Do not forget to insert a message of appreciation. At times, employees want to feel appreciated, too, for a job well done.

They say that actions define a person. Your gesture of appreciation, love, or just showing that you care will make a positive wave with someone. When you give flowers, you extend your love or happiness to the person. Show them you care by getting fresh flowers from a reputable store like Uniting Flowers. Just like having friends that watch your back is a treasure; showing them that you watch theirs is equally valuable too.