Why Diego Maradona Was Buried Without His Heart – Doctor

Late Argentine football icon and manager, Diego Maradona was buried without his heart.

Glamtush reports that Maradona who died at the age of 60 on November 25, 2020, was buried without his heart to prevent tomb theft.

This online platform learnt that this was according to excerpts from a book written by doctor and journalist, Nelson Castro, which detailed some details surrounding Maradona’s death.

“There was a group of Gimnasia La Plata barra bravas that planned to break in and extract the heart,” Castro detailed in an interview with El Trece.

“That didn’t come to fruition because people found out it was going to happen so Maradona’s heart was extracted.

“It was also extracted for study, because his heart was very important in determining the cause of death, obviously, the information is that he is buried without a heart.”

The Argentine legend was in ill-health for some months before his demise and some claimed he didn’t want to get better, a theory that Castro backs in his writing.

“Unfortunately, he had an addictive personality to everything that was destructive for him, others would have died a long time before,” Castro added.

“Maradona had a privileged body in terms of its resistance. The problem is that he never wanted to make a sustained recovery.”

Maradona’s heart is believed to have contributed to what ended the former Napoli icon’s life, although there were some striking details revealed about the actual organ itself.

“Maradona’s heart weighed half a kilo, it was a very big heart,” Castro continued.

“Normally they weigh 300g, even though he had the heart of an athlete which are bigger, this was big because of something else. It was because of the heart failure he had.”

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