Why Getting Local SIM Makes Japan Trip More Enjoyable

Why Getting Local SIM Makes Japan Trip More Enjoyable



Japan is one of the countries that constantly come under the world’s top tourist destinations.  The 2017 Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report show the East Asian country ranks fourth out of 141 countries with the most lucrative tourism economy. People from all over the globe enjoy visiting the country due to its numerous World Heritage Sites like the famous Mount Fuji and Himeji Castle.

Tourists also enjoy roaming in the streets because the country prioritises safety and security. It also offers plenty of modern conveniences that all tourists need to have fun during their vacation. To enjoy the stay in the country, tourists must get a Japan sim before they fly from their native. It will help them navigate and maximise their holiday in The Land of the Rising Sun.


Here are several reasons to get a Japan Sim before leaving home.

Free Public Wi-Fi Is Hard To Find

Japan may have a reputation for being technologically advanced for most things. However, these innovations do not come for free. Tourists would have a hard time finding free Internet in most Japanese cities, including its capital, Tokyo. Almost all the Wi-Fi hotspots in the country require registration for each use. Even those located in restaurants and cafes are not exactly free since customers need to pay for their food or drinks before they can get the passcode for connection. Therefore, tourists need to invest in a Japan sim card to stay connected online while staying in the country.


Wi-Fi Router Rental May Not Work

Some tourists will resort to renting portable Wi-Fi routers if they intend to have a short Japan trip. They only need to pay their daily rental fees to take advantage of their services. However, carrying the device everywhere they go can put additional burden since they have to keep their batteries charged. They also need to bring the Wi-Fi rental kit back to the airport before returning to their home country.

If they do not want all these inconveniences, they can get a data-only SIM and have it delivered to their homes before starting their trip. They can load their Japan sim with enough amounts to keep them registered to unlimited data for 15 days. They can also take advantage of tethering to connect other devices to the smartphone carrying your sim card.


Roaming Is Very Expensive 

The majority of cellular providers worldwide offer roaming services in Japan. While it could be the easiest way to keep connected online, it can become a huge problem when they return home due to the staggering phone bills. They might have to pay hundreds of dollars for roaming services that may not even have a strong signal.

To help avoid bill shock, getting a local Japan sim could be the best option. It will let them get high-speed data and make calls if necessary. They can also get higher data speed if they intend to continue their work during their trip.

Getting a local sim in Japan could be the best choice that tourists could ever make before travelling. These sim cards usually work in all unlocked devices like smartphones, tablets, or portable W-Fi routers. It could help them stay connected to their home country and let them explore Japan with ease. Tourists can also find their way to interesting destinations off the usual grid each time they use the Internet during their trip.




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