Why Makeup Sex Is Sweet As Cocaine

Have you noticed that makeup sex feels so different from other sex you may have had with your lover?

Earlier on, both of you had this huge fight that blew out of proportion. You felt this rage towards your partner and actually felt like giving him a piece of your mind, or you actually did exchange heated words in an argument that almost brought the roof of the building down. You may have even stormed out of his or her house and vowed never to return or have anything to do with your significant other.

Oh, well, you are not alone on this. Everyone one of us, at one time or the other, has gotten into theses fights that tore our heart in shreds and we wonder if we’ll ever get back together with the love of our life.

Then, boom! He/she comes crawling to your doorstep, with this sad, lost puppy dog face you simply can’t resist; begs for forgiveness and ends it with the three letter words you so much want to hear again-I love you!

Of course, you can’t resist! You’ve really missed each other and just being near your lover again reminds you all that you have missed while the quarrel lasted. You simply fly into each other’s arms as you are overcome with emotions and adrenalin is pumping in over drive.

The next thing, you’re both tearing at each other’s clothes and making out. It’s as if time stood still and all you want at this period is to be in the arms of the person you love. All the pent up emotions you felt while apart definitely needs an expression, you know. It’s a sexually-charged act that only has one type of reconciliation in mind: make-up sex.

Makeup sex is simply that intense, sweet, sometimes rough and extremely gratifying sex you have after an argument with your lover.

We’d be lying if we said that most of us haven’t picked a fight for that special reconciliation that comes right after it. Makeup sex gives this all time high similar to taking drugs. The orgasm you experience takes you out of this world and you wonder why?

Well, according to Seth Meyers, a licensed clinical psychologist in Psychology Today, make-up sex has the same type of effect on the brain as cocaine. It is sweet like that! You feel waves upon waves of emotions cascading all over your body and flooding to your brain. The feeling is simply sublime and you wish it would never end.

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During make-up sex, couples often express extreme, positive emotions as they reach a momentary state of bliss. Research also shows that the effect is strongest when the argument is successfully resolved.

Makeup sex can add spice and novelty to the relationship and sexual routine that may not be there earlier. This is because the argument that caused the quarrel caused both of you to open up more to each other and communicate your feelings than bottling up bent up emotions against your partner.

The argument itself leaves you feeling emotionally distant from a partner, while the sex that follows works as a kind of bond; emotionally and intimately repairing the closeness that was broken during the fight.

So when next you pick a fight with your lover, don’t stay angry for a long; why don’t you opt for the makeup sex instead of prolonging the quarrel unnecessarily? Makeup sex sure has more benefits than keeping malice.

Makeup sex brings couples closer. You feel more connected than ever because you survived a fight that could have led to a breakup. It also helps to create firmer bonds in the relationship, with couples making grand declarations of love that wasn’t there before in the relationship.

When your guy knows he screwed up, he also knows all the right ways to make it up to you. He does this by making love to you as he has never done before as a way of making it up to you for his wrongdoing.

Makeup sex is a great way to end a fight you had no idea how to end. So when next you pick a fight with your lover, don’t stay mad for long; zero your mind on that beautiful feeling you can only get from makeup sex and look for subtle ways to reconcile ASAP!