Woman, 25, Forces Dogecoin Millionaire To Sleep With Her, Ejaculate Inside Her At Gunpoint

Woman, 25, Forces Dogecoin Millionaire To Sleep With Her, Ejaculate Inside Her At Gunpoint





Jenifer Garcia, a 25-year-old woman, allegedly forced a 21-year-old Tinder date to ejaculate inside of her vaginal cavity in hopes of conceiving.

A Tinder date that started as a simple hook-up ended up as sperm robbery after Tomas Martinez, a Dogecoin millionaire, showed Garcia his cryptocurrency wallet after engaging in sexual intercourse. Garcia then convinced Martinez to have unprotected sex with her, stating that the condom was irritating her skin. She told him to pull out if he is scared of getting her pregnant.

“I think she knows that I was going to pull out any second because she told me to slow down and then reached for a pistol under her mattress, point it to my head, and told me to cum inside her like God intended,” Tomas said he thought she was joking and until she showed him that the gun was loaded. She told him she wants his baby and called him Dogecoin Papi.

A terrified Tomas said he was so scared that it took him 10 minutes to ejaculate with the gun on his head. “I went to the police station right away after she let me go hoping they’ll at least make her take a Plan B or something. They held her for the night in custody, and I think their most significant concern was the gun, and apparently, they dropped all the charges because I was the one at her place.”

Whether she’s pregnant or not at this point, nobody knows at the moment. Tomas is hoping he will find a way of dodging the bullet if she had fallen pregnant on that day.

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