Woman Sells Grandson In Rivers, Three Suspects Arrested

Woman Sells Grandson In Rivers, Three Suspects Arrested





Police in Rivers State say they have recovered an infant sold by his grandmother for an undisclosed fee.

The suspect and two others, who reportedly aided the boy’s sale, have been arrested, police said.

The mother of the victim said she told her husband about the development despite threats from her mother to kill her and her baby if she reported the matter.

She said, “My mother told me that she was going to sell the baby because my husband had not fully married me and I begged her not to, but she said if I resisted her, she would strangle me and my baby.

The Father of the boy said he reported the matter to the police as soon as his wife told him the baby had been sold, adding that the law enforcement agents quickly went after the suspects, apprehended them, and recovered the baby.

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