World’s Richest Man Bill Gates Turns 60, Wife Drops Lovely Message

Today, October 28, is the birthday of  Bill Gates, the world’s richest man and maybe the most famous person in technology.

His wife, Melinda Gates dropped this beautiful message on her Facebook page with this picture below to celebrate her darling husband. 12193779_1714356552121268_2813840238163695545_n

When Bill first asked me out, he said, “I was thinking maybe we could go out two weeks from tonight.” I told him he wasn’t spontaneous enough for me.

So he called me an hour later to suggest we get together that night. He asked: “Is that spontaneous enough for you?”

Bill, after two amazing decades together, your humor, drive, intelligence, curiosity, thoughtfulness, optimism – and, yes, your spontaneity – are as wonderful as ever. On land, at sea, and everywhere in between, I’m glad you’re by my side.

Happy, happy birthday.

The American business magnate, philanthropist and inventor is 60 years-old today.