‘You’re A Mistake’, Princess Shyngle Files For Divorce Two Months After Wedding

‘You’re A Mistake’, Princess Shyngle Files For Divorce Two Months After Wedding





Popular Gambian actress and Instagram sensation, Princess Shyngle, has filed for divorce two months after she tied the knot with her husband, Gibou Bala Gaye

She accused her husband of domestic violence.

Princess Shyngle tied the knot with Bala-Gaye who she described as a “long-time crush and childhood friend.” in January.

Announcing their marriage via Instagram, she disclosed she had an intense infatuation with her husband since eighth grade, but he chose to remain her friend until their marriage.

The couple tied the knot in a private ceremony after Bala-Gaye proposed to her in an apartment lit with candles and decorated with roses.

“Since you want to tell the world everything, tell them you’re a woman beater,” Princess wrote on her Instagram story.

“Let them know you put your hands on women and pull out guns on a woman. Don’t f**king play with me. You put your hands on a wrong b*tch.”

She called her husband a mistake and further stated that the ‘drama is getting started.’

“You are a f**king mistake. I’ve divorced your ass so leave me the f**k alone. This drama is just getting started. I think you really underestimated me,” she said.

She also shared audio of her husband begging her and admitting to beating her.

“I have already written your divorce letter, everything signed and sealed. I have sent everything to the Gambia. I have been begging and pleading for the past eight weeks, let’s go our separate ways peacefully.

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“I don’t want any drama, I don’t want anything out there, I just want us to go our separate ways peacefully, but No you have been bittered and spiteful. You go on Instagram live mentioning my name saying I left you in our apartment and went to New York,” she added.