Zee World: Reach For The Stars, Twist of Fate, Young Dreams, King of Hearts & Sands of Time Highlights

For this week on Zee World series, here are the highlights on Reach for the Stars, Twist of Fate, Young Dreams, King of hearts and Sands of time for  Monday, February 20 to Friday, Feb. 24.

For  fans of Zee World series who don’t like reading all the long post on each of these series, here are weekly highlights for each of these thrilling and sometimes ‘infuriating’ series that keep us glued to the edge of our seats that we indeed love to watch.


Reach for the Stars 

Monday 20 February 2017
Episode 12

Vitthal tries to make ends meet but things keep on going wrong. The story takes a 7 year leap. The relationship between Kamla and Paki seems to grow stronger.

Tuesday 21 February

Episode 13

Kamla takes Kalpana to work. Kalpana witnesses how Pakhi has her mother’s full attention. Both Kalpana and Pakhi buy Kamla the same gift for her birthday, and demand she wear theirs first. Who will Kamla please?

Wednesday 22 February

Episode 14

Raghav comes to stay with the Kapoor’s and Prem is not happy. Kamla swears to make Raghav feel at home. Pakhi fails her exams and Kamla asks Kalpana to teach her. Neetu can’t stand to see the helper’s daughter teaching her own.

Thursday 23 February
Episode 15

Neetu hires a tutor for Pakhi but she swears to make his life difficult. Seeing Pakhi fool around, Kamla refuses to talk to her. Kalpana looks on and tries to help Pakhi. Pakiya teaches Manda a lesson.

Friday 24 February
Episode 16

Kamla sees Raghav upset and missing his father. Raghav helps Kalpana solve a maths sum and gives her a pen as a reward. A jealous Pakhi, wants the pen for herself, while Kalpana refuses. Whose side will Kamla take this time?
Reach for the Stars Teasers airs at 18h00 CAT every Monday to Friday.


Young Dreams

Young Dreams

Monday 20 February
Episode 89

Rachna tells Vihaan that he can be her mentor but, only because she wants to win at any cost. Charu continues to manipulate Rachna into thinking Gunjan is out to spoil her chances in the competition.

Tuesday 21 February
Episode 90

Shail sees the rift between Gunjan and Rachna. Rachna not only wins the race, she also breaks the college record time. Gunjan chooses Rajeev as her mentor and Rachna has mixed feeling about choosing Vihaan.
Wednesday 22 February
Episode 91

Rachna makes an announcement that shocks everyone. Rajeev warns Vihaan not to try any of his tricks this time around. Charu continues to cause problems for Rachna and Gunjan.

Thursday 23 February
Episode 92

Charu disguises herself as Gunjan as part of her twisted plan to get rid of Gunjan. With the help of Chhaya, Rachna and Gunjan decide to take action against Mr. Sharma.

Friday 24 February
Episode 93

Mr. Sharma gets exposed in front of everyone at college. Shail finds out that Charu is responsible for the rift between Gunjan and Rachna.
Young Dreams airs at 19h00 CAT every Monday to Friday.


Twist of Fate

Twist of fate

Monday 20 February
Episode 121

Neel tries to force Pragya into shooting Abhi but he gets shot instead. Will this battle with the kidnappers end?

Tuesday 21 February

Episode 122
Sarla goes missing and the whole family is worried sick looking for her.

Wednesday 22 February
Episode 123

Abhi and Pragya are still on the run from the kidnappers. Purab informs the media about Abhi’s kidnapping in order to get the word around.

Thursday 23 February
Episode 124

It seems like Bulbul and Punit’s plan to expose Aliya might work. Will she successfully expose Aliya’s deceitful ways?
Friday 24 February
Episode 125

Punit and Bulbul keep playing Aliya. It appears that the two are really onto her. Pragya is stuck in the middle of nowhere with Abhi, who is in a critical condition. Aliya’s fallen prey to Bulbul’s trap.

Twist of Fate air at 20h00 CAT every Monday to Friday.


King of Hearts

King of hearts 2

Monday 20 February
Episode 147

DD is accused of physically abusing Shabnam. In anger, a group of women enter DD’s house and assault her. DD announces that Shabnam will be living with her… does DD she have an ulterior motive?

Tuesday 21 February
Episode 148

Kritika decides to get married to Bunty, little does she know that he is actually an imposter. Shabnam continues plotting plans to get closer to Sid. Sid rescues Kritika from taking a step that could ruin her entire life.

Wednesday 22 February
Episode 149

DD spots Gafoor and she starts to feel restless. Shabnam’s plan to electrocute Roshni fails thanks to Sid who risks his own life for her.

Thursday 23 February
Episode 150

Shabnum spies on Roshini and Siddharth and promises to make him fall into her trap. The truth that Gafoor and Shabnum are working together is out. Shabnum risks her life to save Roshini and DD takes her in as her daughter.

Friday 24 February
Episode 151

Shabnum tempers with Roshini’s henna cones and Sid is on Shabnum’s trail. It seems she may get caught in her own trap. It’s the fasting day and Shabnum uses Ayesha to play her tricks.

King of Hearts airs at 21h00 CAT every Monday to Friday.


Sands of Time

Monday 20 February
Episode 76

Nethra goes to Manas to ask about the recording. The person that was supposed to help Gyanchand pulls out because of Ruby. The family move out of the house.

Tuesday 21 February
Episode 77

Manas wonders how Shekhar agreed to stay in the house so easily. Jia confronts Shekhar about teaming up with Ruby and sidelining his family. Shekhar tells his parents his reason for taking Ruby’s side.

Wednesday 22 February
Episode 78

Gyanchand has been in an accident. Ruby manages to send Shekhar away and he doesn’t know about the accident. Seeing no way out, Jia offers to help a mother in the hospital, in exchange for money.

Thursday 23 February
Episode 79

Jia brings a sum of money just in time to stop Rukmani from begging in front of Ruby. Jia’s surgery is on the same day as Gyanchand’s. Devyani sees Jia at the hospital. Shekhar finally finds out about his father’s condition.

Friday 24 February
Episode 80

The struggle of a daughter in law to make her in laws happy. Jia has always put her family before herself, but it always seems to not be enough.
Sands of time airs at 22h00 CAT every Monday to Friday.