Zeeworld: This Week On Saloni, Destiny, Laali And The Promise

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So here are the updates for Monday, November 2 to Friday, November 6.


21bf927773e9918ea069694e1c6fc8d5Saloni is shocked to see Nahar and Neel, but before Nahar can see her, she quickly hides in the kitchen. Nahar tells Rewa that he will be staying for the night and will leave the next day. Rewa casually asks Nahar about Saloni, but he replies coldly to her. Neel tells Rewa that Saloni has left the house. Rewa tries to find the reason behind this, but Neel says that he will tell her later.

Meanwhile, Shubra gets irked when she notices that Chamki is subtly wooing Kunjan. However, she does not let Chamki succeed in her intentions. On the other hand, Neel gets suspicious when he sees Saloni’s music CDs and her favourite idol of Goddess Saraswati.

Rewa quickly makes a story and saves her day. The next day, Neel and Nahar leave and Saloni heaves a sigh of relief. Soon, Nahar realises that he has forgotten to take his laptop. He goes back to Rewa’s place and knocks at the door. Saloni, who is unaware that it is Nahar, opens the door.

Saloni sees Nahar before he can see her. She immediately hides and Rewa opens the door. Nahar takes his belongings and leaves. Meanwhile, Chamki continues to try her best to woo Kunjan. Kunjan also finds himself drawn towards Chamki. However, Shubra does not let any of her malicious plan work.

On the other hand, Neel makes a story and tells Nahar that he has some important work and leaves. He then heads straight to Rewa’s place. Rewa is surprised to see Neel again. Neel tells Rewa that he has come to meet Saloni. Neel tells Rewa that he is confident that Saloni is staying with her. Soon, Saloni comes out and Neel offers his support to her. However, Saloni makes it clear that she does not want anyone’s help. Later, Nahar phones Devika. He requests Devika to cancel their dinner program as he is very tired.

Devika gets disappointed, but does not say anything. However, Nahar is shocked when Devika soon phones him and sounds very frightened. Devika tells Nahar that she is in danger and asks him to come immediately to help her. Nahar gets worried and immediately goes to the described place. He is shocked to find few crooks running out. Nahar gets hold of one of them and thrashes him. However, the crook manages to escape. Nahar then starts searching for Devika. Suddenly, Nahar sees something which makes him gasp with horror.

Nahar is shocked to see Devika looking petrified. Nahar soon realises that the crooks had tried to rape Devika. Nahar somehow manages to calm down Devika and takes her to the hospital. The doctor asks Nahar to file an FIR in the police station. Nahar goes to the police station, but gets irked when the cop uses derogatory words for Devika. He tells Nahar that he should not worry for a bar girl like Devika. Nahar loses his cool and holds the cop by his collar and earns his wrath. The cop immediately detains him and assures him that he will make his life hell! However, soon Brijesh arrives and bails Nahar. Nahar thanks Brijesh and goes to meet Devika, much to Brijesh’s chagrin.

The doctor tells Nahar that Devika is still in trauma and she needs utmost care. Later, after Nahar leaves from Devika’s place, the goons barge in. However, Devika is not shocked to see them, and on the contrary, she gives them a hefty amount and thanks them for their job!



DestinyMenka is shocked to see Rasik and goes meet him on the sly. She is taken aback when Rasik tells him about the letter. In order to find the letter, Menka volunteers to stay with Lakshmi on the pretext of taking care of her. Later, post midnight, Menka gets up and begins searching for
the letter, but gets shocked when Lakshmi turns up there.

Menka gets worried as she feels that Lakshmi has caught her. She quickly makes a story and walks away. Lakshmi gets confused seeing Menka so worried. The next day, Menka again starts
searching for the letter, but her search remains fruitless. Later, Lakshmi is surprised when Suryakant and Savitri come to her place and tell her that they have come to take her. Karan’s mother then tells Lakshmi that she has decided to go to her native place and asks Lakshmi to go with her parents. She also tells Lakshmi to try and start her life afresh. Menka is relieved and prays to God that the letter remains untraced.

Meanwhile, Rasik also feels happy when he comes to know that the midwife has passed away. Lakshmi gets suspicious when Karan’s mother tells her that Karan had seemed worried about something pertaining to the Garodia family from the last few days. Later at the temple, the
priest too tells Lakshmi that a few days back, Karan had asked him about Menka’s visit. The priest tells her that Karan was surprised to know that Menka was never a frequent visitor at the
temple. Lakshmi gets suspicious and decides to probe into the matter.

Lakshmi arrives at the Garodia mansion, and everyone tries their best to keep her cheerful. Kajri also expresses her sympathy to Lakshmi and assures her assistance whenever required. Later, Menka asks Yuvraj to accompany Kajri to the doctor for her checkup. Yuvraj obliges, but also takes Niyati with him, much to Kajri’s chagrin. Yuvraj feels relieved seeing the image of his baby through the sonography. Kajri feels depressed and walks away. Meanwhile, Suryakant leaves for a business meeting in Mumbai and asks everyone to take utmost care of Lakshmi. Later, everyone is shocked when Rasik turns up at the Garodia mansion. He pretends being nice and regrets his past deeds. He requests Baa to forgive him and to give him a chance to prove his sincerity.

Menka also requests Baa to forgive him and let him stay with them. Baa allows Rasik to stay with them only for the time being and tells him that Suryakant will take the final decision. Rasik is more than happy as he has finally gained his entry to Garodia mansion. Later, Lakshmi overhears Rasik and Menka talking about their secret.



995dbfad55ea8edca9011df7f4701991The Head Priest’s men ask the devotees to finish off Shekhar and Laali because they killed the Head Priest but Loha tries to stop them. One of the stones hit Loha’s eye. Loha gets treated and
regains his eyesight! The Village Head calls for a village council meeting to decide how the Head Priest got killed. Shailendra gives away Laali to Shekhar and asks him to take good care of her.

However, Suman vows never to stop hating Laali for hurting her father. During the village council meeting, the Village Head scolds the villagers for supporting the wicked Head Priest. He declares
all charges cast on Shekhar and Laali as baseless and says that they will live together as man and wife.

The Village Head honours Laali by presenting her with a shawl. Loha apologises to Laali in front of everybody for abusing her. Ranvijay too seeks forgiveness from the Village Head for trying to kill Shekhar. Jamuni comes up with a plan to spread immense hatred against Laali in the mansion. Laali is welcomed to the mansion, and is overwhelmed when Madhav addresses her as mother.

Jamuni advises Suman to keep her feelings of hatred suppressed for now, and to give vent to them when the time is right. Sumitra entrusts the house keys to Laali and asks her to address her as mother. Laali feels bad when Madhav addresses Shekhar as a mad man. Laali goes to help Suman drape her sari but Suman walks away. Later, Laali asks Suman how she managed to cook an elaborate meal for the religious ceremony but Suman continues to be cold to her.

Loha’s man informs Loha that the priest has refused from performing the ceremony. Loha goes to the priest’s house, and the priest insults him. Loha then threatens him.


The Promise

7f55704cf65b85becb4104e0626f7b4bDeb visits the Walias’ and insists that they should come for the Sangeet function. The family members realize that Pia has given Deb the CD which is a proof against Bani. Deb realizes that his briefcase which contains the proofs, is missing. And he wonders if Jai has stolen it, just then Jai arrives at the party. Moksh comes at the party carrying a briefcase and asks Tanu to hide the bag. Jai gets nostalgic.

Bani suddenly realizes that she is dancing with Deb and not Jai, and leaves the party. Aditya advises Jai to listen to his heart. Deb tells Pia that the CDs’ are missing. Tanu opens the bag given by Moksh and finds the CDs’ in it. But while keeping the bag, the CDs’ fall down. Bani wonders why she is not happy. Jai promises Bani that he will call off the wedding if she is not happy. But she tells him that she will not break her promise.

Ranvir tries to talk to Rano, but she tells him that Bani is more important to her right now. Rano requests Deb to call off the wedding. But he does not heed. Jigyasa criticizes Rano. Rano requests
Jai to tell Bani the truth, but Jai tells her that they don’t have a proof. Deb fails to notice the CD’s lying on the floor. Jai feels helpless.